Conservation Agreement Fairfax County

Given the use of 41.5 hectares around Salona, McLean`s iconic historic property, as a park, in the countryside with a conservation service; In order to ensure that the work will be completed in accordance with the approved location plan and within a reasonable period of time, the developer must enter into an agreement with the county and deposit a security or „loan“. In the event that the developer is late, the county uses the loan money to finalize public improvements. The developer is responsible for the maintenance of all objects that are glued, including roads and utilities, until they are handed over to the district or state authority, which is responsible for their property and maintenance. These include snow removal and the maintenance and repair of all objects bonded until they are accepted by the Agency. The Nature Conservancy: The Nature Conservancy works with landowners to develop sustainable conservation services, keep land in the hands of the private sector, and protect the habitats needed for the continuity of terrestrial biodiversity. A conservation easement along the Indian Run Stream Valley, which protects unbuilt woodland that could have been a site for heavy industry; The Trust`s work began in 1994 in Fairfax County, and we now own 42 conservation services and own three parcels. We are protecting an important country in a county that has experienced incredible development and growth. Land protection preserves open spaces, improves the canopy and protects water quality. More than half of NVCT`s portfolio includes shoreline protection areas or land along the river or stream bank. This natural solution helps stem the effects of polluted runoff and then helps the county achieve its Chesapeake Bay goals.

participate in neighbourhood meetings that have resulted in a conservation outcome for a land on the creek for sale; A conservation service is a relatively flexible tool. It can be designed in such a way that it corresponds to the specific characteristics of a property and the owner`s interest in owning a property that continues to offer profitable productive use. Fauquier County is proud to promote and sponsor many conservation programs. We advise you to contact the programs below for more information, and then consult with your lawyer and tax advisor to determine which program is right for you. We had a wonderful conservation celebration thanks to Jon Hickox, owner of The Winery at Bull Run, for his vision and guided tour of the historic property adjacent to the winery. 90 hectares of critical land and habitat have been preserved forever through a conservation easement with NVCT. This will protect the incredible view and historic environment of the winery for future generations of northern Virginians. While many places are changing around us, this important landscape will remain.

In 2005, NVCT began working with Tom Cafferty, a commercial real estate developer, on conservation options for an office park in Fairfax County. Through a number of years and certainly some challenges, Tom has created something very unique that benefits the employees of the local buildings. The Fauquier County Conservation Easement Incentive Overlay District: This zoning ordinance tool was created to preserve agricultural and historical resources, open spaces, parks, and future transportation corridors, and allows for increased housing density within certain service areas through the Special Exception process, in exchange for placing conservation services on resources to be saved. . . .

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