Common Sense Mining Agreement

I understand that many servers have crawl agreements or rules of engagement. But the most obvious is the name of the agreement „Mining“ or „Rules of Engagement“ of your server aka „ROE“ It is a PvP oriented game, end of the story. I won`t have a player apply rules to me because they want people to line up at the nodes and wait for it to be your turn to get what they need, or someone else will come and kill you. This is called prison. The best players do not have the right to write rules, contracts or agreements and open them to others, try to change the dynamics of the game, it is programmed to cope with ffs. Someone hits you, it`s not personal. Either move it back or go to the next node. If there are no knots, Low Man will have the end of the story. If you are the low man, it is to find out, ask for the help of your covenant. That`s crazy! The more complicated the agreement, the shorter its lifespan on our server seems The meta game (coalitions, mining agreements, wars, etc.) is the most interesting aspect of a sandbox game, so it`s really a good sign if your server is advanced enough to do it. However, I agree that these rules are too complex. I think they would have better luck with simpler and more flexible rules. It looks like it was designed to keep the top alliances on the mines and everyone else can queue up and wait.

If I need a mine, I take one and keep it while I mean. It makes no sense to believe that someone will leave your knot alone while you unsubscribe and ignore your miner. G. If the system is full, Horizon and the faction ships lose protection from mining at level 27 and below. Let`s make sure we use the last field! I didn`t say you have to wait for them to reset the node, just send msg and then kill, but take a screenshot if the cry to your admiral has a dirty shot In his defense, your proposal is far too complicated. Basically, by roaring my miners, I can store a knot for a ++ day, without going to zero or opl. Both the individuals and organizations that collaborate with arXivLabs have accepted and accepted our values of openness, community, excellence and user privacy. arXiv upholds these values and only works with partners who comply with them.

Here the Glorious COMA. Mining collective agreement. All jokers are crazy if you follow this. Blow it up. F-em. Please join the Simons Foundation and our generous member organizations to support arXiv during our fundraising campaign from September 23-27. 100% of your contribution will fund improvements and new initiatives for the benefit of arXiv`s global scientific community. I have a small problem with another alliance, and when I looked for the Alliance in the news, I was told that they were following the CMA. What is CMA? It is FORBIDDEN to attack an Alliance member of your Alliance for any reason or members of your DNA list.

Do you have an idea of a project that brings added value to the arXiv community? Learn more about arXivLabs and how to participate. You can better ask this question in the Galaxy chat of your server. It would be nice if Scopely liked us enough to add a 0-node notification in combat protocols, like they do with OPC. Could prevent many unnecessary B`s in pvP game and help those who just want to mine quietly. It`s super stupid and it allows big alliances to take advantage of it. All juniors follow, even if they are still looking for a knot. Large alliances – there is always a knot ready to be handed over. F. If a level 31 or higher system is full, you can hit a messenger (30 minutes of retaliation).

arXivLabs is a framework that allows employees to develop and share new arXiv features directly on our site. On my server, it is allowed if the miner stays too long on an empty node (don`t forget to say it back), or if the cargo exceeds the protected cargo of its type of ship.. . .

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