Bilateral Agreement Between Russia And Philippines

Khovaev also cited an oral agreement between the two countries on the acquisition of helicopters, without giving further details, as „this cooperation requires a certain degree of confidentiality.“ In a pre-departure briefing, Deputy Secretary for European Affairs Amelita Aquino said President Duterte and President Vladimir Putin will attend the exchange of several bilateral agreements covering cooperation in the fields of culture, health and basic research. As early as the nineteenth century, Russia was interested in establishing relations with Southeast Asian states. The Interest of the Russian Empire in establishing relations with the countries of Southeast Asia was due to its need to guarantee the security of food and raw supplies in the Russian Far East, since communications between the eastern part of Russia and its European part are considerably difficult. [1] The PH Department of Science and Technology (DOST) agreed with the Russian space agency Roscosmos to „continue negotiations for an intergovernmental framework agreement on space cooperation that will include the use of Russian missiles to launch Philippine payloads such as micro and nanosatellites and the creation of a receiving station for the Global Satellite Navigation System (GLONASS)“ the Russian alternative to US global positioning Sys teme (GPS). [33] „I believe we have every reason to say that our bilateral relations are at the highest level in our history. Of course, after the election of. President (Rodrigo) Duterte, absolutely new horizons (have been) opened,“ Khovaev told Arab News. Asked how many agreements should be signed between the Philippines and Russia, Aquino said, „I think we`re not aiming for a number because it`s really the quality and what we get from the deals.“ The Philippines and Russia are expected to seal several bilateral agreements when President Rodrigo Roa Duterte begins a five-day visit to the country next week, a foreign policy official said Friday. „The first four Russian companies have obtained the right to deliver poultry meat to the Philippines“ from May 12, 2019. The enterprises are the Blagodarnensky poultry plant (a branch of Stavropol Broiler Company), LISCo Broiler Company, Vasilyevskaya poultry farm and Bryansk Broiler. In addition, „trade revenue between Russia and the Philippines tripled in 2018 to $246 million.

At the same time, Russian exports to the country have increased fivefold to $208 million. Grain deliveries to the Philippine market have almost quintupled over the past year, to 719,860 tons from 155,650 tons in 2017. [11] During this last visit, Putin and Duterte signed agreements and memoranda in different areas of cooperation, which would help strengthen interactions in the fields of trade, economy, science, culture and education. Part of the presidential itinerary in Moscow will be his participation in the Philippine-Russian Economic Forum, which aims to promote trade and investment opportunities between the Philippines and Russia. The forum serves as a networking place between Russian and Filipino businessmen. „A lot of things are being considered. . . But everything is done in a spirit of partnership and mutual trust. As this is not just a trade agreement, we want to establish a long-term partnership between our two countries,“ the ambassador said. At a pre-departure briefing in Malacañang on Friday, Deputy Foreign Minister Amelita Aquino said the agreements „are still being negotiated and verified.“ MANILA, Philippines – During President Rodrigo Duterte`s upcoming visit to the cities of Sochi and Moscow, the Philippines and Russia will sign bilateral agreements covering, among others, the fields of culture, health and basic research.

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