Youth Service Agreement

If you are a child or teenager and want to talk to someone, call the Children`s Helpline at 310-1234. For example, if a 16-year-old has left home due to an uncertain life situation, he or she can sign an agreement with the CAS. CAS can ensure that they reside with a relative, friend or neighbour, or in a retirement home or group. The termination of a VYSA A VYSA is a voluntary agreement and you can terminate the agreement at any time (i.e. terminate). On January 1, 2018, Ontario increased the age of coverage for all children under the age of 18. If you are 16 or 17 years old and think you need protection, a new service has been developed for you. The OCL has lawyers across Ontario who represent children and youth in court cases. The role of ocL counsel is to independently represent the views and interests of young people. The lawyer informs young people about the process, advises on available options and advocates for youth in court and other trials, for example. B in out-of-court dispute settlement, complaint procedures on services received by a company and also provides lawyers to parents under the age of 18. ADR is an approach to resolving disputes between you and a company. This approach, where appropriate, encourages the involvement and support of the family and extended family and your community in planning and making decisions for children and adolescents.

ADR focuses on bringing the right people together to develop the best plan for you. For example, if you don`t agree with the company on the type of mediation that is best for you, ADR can bring together the right people to explore options and develop a plan. Voluntary Youth Service Plan (VYS Plan) Every young person with a VYSA has a VYS plan. This is a plan developed by you and the company, which describes the different supports you have. It will also document your strengths, needs and goals. It also includes the activities and roles and responsibilities assigned by you and society to build on your strengths and meet your needs and goals. Within 30 days of entering a VYSA, the partner will work with you to develop a VYS plan. If a company finds that you need protection and that an investment abroad is being considered, the company is required to refer your name to the OCL. You have the option to consult an OCL lawyer to advise you on the options available, as well as legal representations when you enter a VYSA. No charges are charged for this service.

Companies start their work when they receive a request or recommendation for the service.

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