Tony Chocolonely Employment Agreement

In addition to the legal requirements, there are other issues that an employer wishes to include in a contract. Some employment issues can be included in a manual, which is a useful way to keep the contract itself short (I note that Maats` contract refers to a contractual „People`s Guide“). For example, the contract may not need an entire portion of how expenses can be claimed if this can be well covered by a company-wide directive. We always recommend that manuals be kept out of contract to ensure maximum flexibility and that they contain only general guidelines that apply equally to all workers or certain categories of workers. However, anything that needs to be tailored to a certain employee or that really needs to be a contractual obligation should be included in the contract. But until this weekend, I had never seen an HR manager try to radically change the employment contract. There were always complex and serious legal documents, filled with powerful words and long sentences with many commas, even in English. The merger and signing of the contract has always been the weak link in the boarding process. This is when the smooth recruitment process fills the legal font with 10 points. The order has to be, it`s a lot of paperwork. I was delighted to see this contract from Dutch chocolate manufacturer Tony`s Chocolonely. Yes, this is the real employment contract – „Have you ever thought about joining a cool and informal company until you get your new employment contract under your nose? 🤔 At least 8 pages with very useful things and many formal clauses that you had to comply with? We did a good job with Tony`s Chocolonely, but we thought we could raise the bar 🍫Aggure with Bruggink and Van der Velden and the defender of labour law 🚀 Daniel Maats, we concluded our contract from a first position. We have defined the most important things, and for the rest, we rely on mutual trust and common sense.

And okay, there`s a second page with our values and promises that we make to the new Tony. Proud of this „ticket of trust.“ Thank you 🚀 Daniel Maats for your help and, of course, Tonys Arno Bleeker for his cool design. Daniel Maats of the law firm Bruggink van der Velden (BvdV) did so again. Previously, he was a pioneer of a radical alternative to the traditional employment contract (on our previously reported blog). Is that targeted? To make sure the employment contract is as fun as the action it symbolizes. Human resources expert Thomas Otter reminded me today of an example of a new approach to employment contracts. That is the illustration you see in this story. In the spirit of recent reflections on music in stories on Twitter, I immediately thought of these lines: it is Tony`s mission to end modern slavery in the cocoa industry. We work with our suppliers in West Africa to help them in these uncertain times. We will keep our consumers informed of this situation.

For now, we have put all marketing activities on hold, but our team will focus on making Tony`s Talks available online for elementary schools, high schools, adults and businesses.

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