Severance Agreement Ny

A severance contract is a contract between the employer and the worker that clarifies the rights and obligations of each party in the event of dismissal. Severance agreements generally include provisions designed to protect the employer`s interests: first, your employer may be contractually required to offer you severance pay through your employment contract or other agreement. Employment contracts are common among executives, salespeople, executives and many professionals such as engineers. If you signed an employment contract at the beginning of your employment, check the language carefully to see what is in it. If there seems to be a way to improve the terms of your separation agreement, we can contact your employer and negotiate on your behalf or coach you in the background so that you can conduct the negotiations. If you look at a severance package and it`s worth paying you, an experienced lawyer will check if you have a strong legal action. If there are direct or strong indications of discrimination, the amount offered as severance pay may not be sufficient. Each case is unique and should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The termination of a job is a worrying experience and employees may be tempted to simply sign a severance agreement and continue. At times like this, it`s important to stay objective so that you`re on a solid footing when looking for a new position.

If you talk to us, we will explain all your rights and we will take care of all matters with your employer. Our goal is to give you a full severance package and protect all your legal rights and benefits from staff. Please contact our office today to find out how we can help. A New York separation agreement, also known as a severance agreement or package, is a contract between the employer and the worker that imposes the terms of separation of an employee of the organization. Are you considering a separation agreement in New York? You are not alone. Executives often obtain separation agreements when their employment ends. But most people don`t know how to do it. A severance pay is an offer of wages and benefits to a worker at the end or end of his employment. Your severance package is probably based, among other things, on your length of employment in the company.

New York is an all-you-can-eat state of employment. This means that an employer can dismiss employees for legitimate or unjustified reasons and is not required to give notice. Depending on the circumstances, dismissed or dismissed workers (as well as those who resign) may be required to sign a severance agreement. These employment contracts are structured to promote and protect the employer, not the worker.

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