Sample Guaranty Agreement

                CONSIDERING that the surety has established that it will benefit from the debtor`s conclusion of the agreement and therefore wants this guarantee agreement (this „guarantee“) to be concluded taking into account the conclusion of the agreement by the beneficiary; This is a guarantee for payment and has not renounced the forfeiture of the above signature waives all rights of the latter. All funds made available to the lender for the payment or reduction of the borrower`s debts can be adjusted by the lender in this way and with respect to the amounts and periods or periods that the lender may choose to pay or reduce the borrower`s debts, and the obligations arising from this guarantee contract are not guaranteed by transferring or unlocking other guarantees for each game.                 CONSIDERING that obligor assumes certain payment obligations to the beneficiary under the agreement and the beneficiary has asked the surety to guarantee the payment obligations as an incentive for the beneficiary to enter into the agreement with the debtor; Comment: This section outlines the obligations of the bond, including the nature of the guarantee. This agreement contains a guarantee of payment, i.e. if the debtor does not pay, the beneficiary can act directly against the bond without the beneficiary having initiated the first proceedings against the debtor. A payment guarantee differs from a collection guarantee in this respect. As part of a recovery guarantee, the beneficiary must first exhaust his claims against the debtor before he wants to assert his rights against the guarantor. A performance guarantee requires the guarantor to keep the promise that the debtor made but did not keep. The commitment may involve a payment obligation or other obligation (for example. B for the provision of goods or services).                 CONSIDERING that the beneficiary is in a [commercial transaction, SUCH AS A DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT OR A SUPPLY AGREEMENT] with [other PARTY TO COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION] („Obligor“), dated [Date][OF EVEN DATE HEREWITH] (this agreement, and any modification, modification, waiver, extension or complement to the agreement, collectively, the „contract“); [Customer.Name] (borrowers) requested to make transactions with [Provider.Company] (creditors) and to obtain loans.

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