Sales Service And Rental Agreement

Many provisions may be included, but a basic lease agreement must contain at least the following 10 conditions: 8. RETURN OF EQUIPMENT, DAMAGED, -LOST EQUIPMENT. At the end of the rental period, the customer will return the equipment to the store location during Clark Rental`s normal business hours, which are in good condition and will be repaired as indicated during delivery to the customer. If a return of equipment is required after the holidays, the customer should contact Clark Rental for instructions. The customer is responsible for any damage and loss of equipment from the moment the device leaves the storage location until the device is returned to the storage location, including any damage during transport to and from the customer. In the event of the loss or destruction of devices, incapacity or non-restitution to Clark Rental for any reason, the customer will pay Clark Rental the full value of the replacement list and the total rental price indicated until the replacement of these devices. If the device is returned in a damaged or excessively worn condition, the customer must pay clark rental the reasonable cost of repair and pay the rental of the device at the normal rental price until all repairs are completed. Clark Rental is not obligated to begin repair work until the customer has paid the estimated fee to Clark Rental. As a general rule, housing laws cover everything from physical property to the terms of the tenancy agreement. But that`s not all you need to know.

7. DEFECTIVE DEVICES. If the device is dangerous, defective or needs to be repaired, the customer will immediately stop using the device and immediately notify Clark Rental. If such a condition is the result of normal operation, Clark Rental will repair or replace equipment in perfect condition if such replacement equipment is to be completed. Clark Rental is not obligated to repair or replace devices that are not put into service by abuse, abuse or neglect. The Customer`s only recourse in the event of default or default The equipment is the termination of any rental costs incurred after the default date. The customer must return the device within 24 hours of the default date of the storage location to cancel the rental fee. any delay or interruption related to the supply or performance of the device or damage related to the use of this agreement begins and ends on .

An extension agreement is established for the new term. 5. RECEIVING AND INSPECTING THE DEVICES. The customer recognizes that the customer has inspected the device before being taken care of, finds it in perfect condition and in good repair and is adapted to the customer`s needs. The customer is familiar with the proper operation and use of each device. The customer also undertakes to note any problems on the delivery voucher or lease before signing the acceptance of the equipment. The customer`s use of the equipment and receipt of this invoice confirms the customer`s acceptance of the equipment and consent to the terms and conditions of this lease. The customer has inspected or inspected, if necessary, all screws, screws, safety chains and other devices and materials used to connect the equipment to the customer`s tractor vehicle. Clark Rental is not responsible for damage to the customer`s towing vehicle caused by removable clutches or mirrors. 12. PAYMENT. All amounts payable must be paid to the customer at the beginning of the rental period, at the pick-up of equipment at Clark Rental or according to the terms of Clark Rental`s invoice, depending on what happens in the first place.

The customer recognizes that the timely payment of rental fees is essential to Clark Rental`s business and that it would be in practice and extremely difficult to repair the actual damage caused by late payments.

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