Pwc Service Agreement

If intellectual property objects are found in the delivery items we have created, PwC holds the intellectual property rights to the delivery goods and all materials produced under the agreement, and the customer has a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the delivery items for its own internal purposes. The contract can be terminated by agreement between the client and PwC. In this case, the termination takes effect on the date the deadline specified in the termination contract has expired. PwC assumes no responsibility to persons other than the client for services provided to the client and to the course, unless PwC otherwise agrees in writing. The client agrees to reimburse PwC for any liability (including legal fees) that PwC creates in connection with other people`s service claims. Der Kunde verpflichtet sich, Ansprich im Zusammenhang mit den Leistungen nur gegen PwC und nicht gegen eine Person zu machen, wie immer beschrieben. The client agrees that PwC may provide services to competitors of the client or other parties whose interests may conflict with those of the client until PwC discloses your confidential information and PwC complies with PwC`s ethical obligations. Under Privacy Act 122/2013, PwC is required to obtain the client`s consent, retain and process personal data. Through this contract, the client confirms that all PwC information is correct and complete and consents to the storage and processing of personal data.

The client acknowledges that he has been properly informed of his rights regarding the processing of personal data and other conditions relating to the processing of personal data and the method of processing or disclosure, in accordance with Section 11 of Act 122/2013 Rec. Personal data is processed by the aforementioned authorities for the purpose of providing services to the customer in accordance with this contract and, if necessary. For more information on data protection and related rights, see:

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