Microsoft Ees Campus Agreement

Yes, from September 1, 2018, the following Microsoft server software will be included in our Microsoft EES agreement. The University of Edinburgh has just signed a new microsoft EES campus agreement for three years – until October 2022. The new counting mechanism is based on the EQU – Education quailified user -, an employee who uses a qualified out front for the benefit of the organization. No, the corporate CAL to which we are bound under the Microsoft EES agreement does not contain terminal server CAL or remote de-removal. They can be purchased through the software portal via our Microsoft Select Plus software. Project Pro, Visual Studio Enterprise and Visio pro are not available in accordance with our on-campus agreement. They are available to staff and students eligible for Azure Dev tools for teaching (see below). Or to buy as part of our select scheme. They can be downloaded from Click Downloads – Updates and select the right product. Products covered by the Microsoft EES agreement are offered free of charge to departments.

The Microsoft Campus system, now called the Microsoft EES agreement, covers all university units for 2019/20. The Microsoft EES agreement does not contain any support. For Microsoft support, take the next steps. Azure Dev Tools for permission to teach. Staff and students in the SCE College, MVM College, Care and Social Affairs disciplines can receive a variety of Microsoft applications that contain the two mentioned above as part of the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program. A „qualified student“ means a staff member or contractor (excluding students) who, for the benefit of the institution, accesses or uses an educational platform product. With the move to microsoft 365 education plans, education clients are invited to move from the new EQU (EQU) model to teaching. This is a huge change for higher education and continuing education organizations and could see the need for universities and universities to get thousands more paid for Microsoft licenses.

Take part in our webinar on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. to learn more about the EQU optimization service and how it Asset Management can be used in HE-FE organizations to achieve cost savings and efficiencies. In addition, longer-term planning, the definition of a three- to six-year licensing strategy will allow an organization to find the best way to grow and reduce the number of users. Yes, to install the Microsoft Windows operating system, you must already have a valid license for another version of Windows on your computer. For devices purchased without an operating system, with a competing operating system (Redhat, Solaris, etc.) or without a valid Microsoft OS license, you must first acquire a full version license of a Windows operating system supported by resellers such as SHI, CDWG, Dell, etc. Subsequent upgrades will then be covered by the Microsoft EES agreement.

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