Ithaca College Club Sports Participation Agreement

While Ithaca College Natural Lands issued a statement that Ithaca College should join efforts to call for a moratorium on horizontal drilling and high-intensity hydraulic fracturing („smooth water“),[64] the college as a whole declined to comment. Historically, several independent and national fraternities and sororities had active chapters at Ithaca College. Due to a series of non-public hazing incidents in the 1980s, including one responsible for the death of a student, the college administration revised its Greek life policy and only professional musical fraternities could remain linked to the school. [37] The university does not encourage the use of its name under the name Io, but will authorize such use as a benefit to the IO, provided that such use of campus activities is authorized at the request of the IO, and to strengthen the missions of the IO in accordance with Section 5, the IO takes the necessary steps to prevent individuals and organizations from , which she is involved in, feel that IOs are among those controlled by the university or acting on behalf of the university. The IO is required to apply to the University`s Brand Center for prior written authorization for any use of the university`s name, including all university trademarks, symbols, logos, slogans or clues. Independent organizations that have obtained permission to use the name „Cornell“ on their behalf must use the name of the university in the sense close to the word when entering into legally binding contractual agreements (z.B. „Club at Cornell“). Ithaca is also home to more than 60 non-profit sports, many of which regularly oppose other colleges in leagues and tournaments. The men`s rugby team is particularly important, always earning a ranking in the top 25 under NSCRO. In 2019, the Upstate Small College Rugby Conference champions won a trip to the Northeast Regional Playoffs. The team took 3rd place in the region for the second year in a row. The college aims to maximize investment returns and does not invest the Foundation in on-campus sustainable development projects, renewable energy funds or community development loans. The college`s investment policy reserves the right of the investment committee to limit, for whatever reason, investments that could include environmental and sustainable factors.

[63] The current campus of Ithaca College was built in the 1960s in South Hill. The college`s last academic department moved from downtown to the South Hill campus in 1968, completing the move. The current president of Ithaca is Shirley M. Collado. On February 22, 2017, she was named the ninth President of Ithaca College and assumed the presidency on July 1, 2017. Previously, she was Vice President Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer at Rutgers-Newark University and Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Middlebury College. She is the first Dominican American woman to be appointed president of a college in the United States. [65] Theory, practice, performanceThis elements are at the heart of the ithaca College experience – today and every day since our founding more than 125 years ago IC began as a music conservatory in 1892, but in the decades that have passed since, it has become a residential free art college with five schools and programs over 100 degrees.

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