Canada Employment Insurance Commission Agreement

CUB 76246 Decision Umipre – The applicant announced her hiring with the Yukon government on February 17, 2008 to accompany her fiance and separately filed a complaint with the Yukon Human Rights Commission regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. The Human Rights Commission recommended that the Yukon government, the Department of Justice, whitehorse Correctional Centre pay the complainant a lump sum of $30,000, including compensation for general and exemplary damages and reimbursement of out-of-pocket legal fees. The applicant received the damages known as „wages in lieu.“ As a result, the application was denied. In the appeal to the House, the appeal was upheld because it was found that these funds were actually paid as mother`s allowance and were not salaries. The complaint was dismissed. Applicant Part: Commission Sending number: 2010 22 (1) If a period of employment occurs in part during an applicant`s waiting period, the Commission does not demonstrate the number of hours actually worked during the period of law, unless they are insured on sufficient hours to receive benefits or (2) for the purposes of Sections 7, 7.1, 12 and 14 and VIII of the Act for the period , which begins on September 17, 2000 and ends on October 6, 2001, and in the case of an applicant usually residing in Charlotte during the week referred to in Section 10, paragraph 1 of the Act, the applicable regional unemployment rate is the highest regional unemployment rate of the employment benefit established by the Commission pursuant to Section 59 of the Act; 28 The Commission may pay an applicant an allowance of one week`s unemployment before the usual period for payment of benefits if (2) if the number of hours, days or positions indicated is the number of hours, days or positions normally performed by part-time workers and which is less than the number of hours, days or positions normally employed by full-time workers during a calendar week during a calendar week. nearest job. in the type of employment of the applicant, the applicant is considered to have completed a full work week when the applicant has completed the number of hours, days or positions normally provided by a full-time worker. 9.01 The notification provided for in paragraph 152.02 (4) of the law, which is issued by the person to the Commission for the termination of the contract, must be given in writing. 2. Where an applicant works or works so little in a company described in the subsection (1) that a person would not normally rely on that job or commitment as his primary livelihood, the applicant is not considered to be fully in charge of that job or commitment.

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