Bible Quotes About Disagreements

One argument that someone might use to defend instrumental music in today`s worship is that God never commissioned instrumental music in the Old Testament, but he accepted it at the time, so he will accept it now, even though he did not commission it or insinuate it in any way He wanted it. When she reads when she was introduced by King David into worship (2 Samuel 6:5; 1 Chronicle 15:16), there is nothing to say about God who commands her. The apostles and elders of Jerusalem already knew the answer to the question of whether the pagans should be circumcised to be saved. You could have said that, and that would be the end of the question. Instead, they allowed a debate so that those who disagreed would know that their arguments had been heard and addressed. God approves of a good healthy debate on the subjects, but he never approves of quarrels. We must ensure that our debates do not lead to that. One of the main causes of division is that people are not ready to follow this principle, especially where one does not only do what others consider sinner, but forces them to participate or leave. This is the case of the introduction of instrumental music in a church, the brothers who believe that it is sinful to worship in this way, force to leave. This also applies to support for the organizations of the Church Fund. The division caused by these things was by brothers who refused to follow the teaching of Christ in Romans 14 (and in other places).

We don`t need to argue about things we can`t know. There are debates about how human Jesus was and how much he was God when he was on earth. It`s stupid. He was both. We don`t understand these things, we just have to accept them. Today, we do not have many brothers who have a problem with meat consumption, but what are our situations today that would fit into this category? It`s a difficult question because some Christians on both sides say it`s permissible or a sin – and those who think it`s a sinner don`t believe it`s part of that category of things that we agree on! But even if there are things that seem sinful to me, there are brothers who will not agree, and that is why I can say that, in their opinion, the principle should apply to these issues anyway. There are only a few: but avoid stupid controversies and genealogies, quarrels and quarrels over the law, because they are not profitable and worthless. Refuse a de facto man after a first and second warning, knowing that such a man is perverse and sins, condemns himself. Other verses in Romans 14 tell us to give up our freedom so as not to encourage our brothers to do something they think is wrong – that would be sinful to them. But these verses speak of the pain Christians feel in seeing other Christians doing things they consider sinful. In verse 16, Paul writes that we must not let good be called bad for us. This is not to say to those who say that it is sinful to be calm.

That means we should stick to it so that our brother has no reason to say we sin. Paul says you don`t need to eat meat. If something we can or cannot do, it hurts our brothers, then we should abandon it. We see here that the motivations of a human being are not accurate. Please note that we should not make this judgment on their motives immediately. We warn them that what they are doing is division and nothing good. We first assume that their hearts are good, but they need to be corrected. If they continue to think of divisive issues, we can see that their true motivation is not divine and we must reject them.

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