Au Pair Agreement Canada

Au pairs are generally allowed to drive in Canada with their existing driver`s license for a few months. However, after a while, the au pair will likely be required to take a driving test in Canada to continue driving. For more information on driving as a foreigner in Canada, visit the Canadian government. In this working time, families can ask their au pair to provide an evening babysitting up to 3 times a week. We recommend that our girls and host families sign an au pair contract in which you will clarify in advance what you expect from each other to ensure a fair working agreement between you and your host family. It is important to write down what will be the exact duties of the au pair, how many holidays they have, and when and how many hours they have to work, for example. As there is no formal au pair contract in Canada, foster families and au pairs generally use the au pair contract for the United Kingdom. Host families must report their peers for insurance coverage to the appropriate provincial workers` compensation board. Premiums should be less than $15 per month, depending on the province. The Working Holiday Maker program does not indicate an au pair`s vacation time.

However, we recommend two weeks of vacation for an au pair stay of six months. If the au pair is to stay for less than six months, this value can be used to adjust the duration of the au pair`s vacation accordingly. Should you sign an au pair contract? What kind of insurance does your au pair need? What else can you do for your safety? On this page, you will get the necessary information. All information for organising an au pair stay in Canada: Should au pairs and families have an au pair contract? What insurance should an au pair have? How much pocket money does an au pair receive in Canada? Adanac Au Pair is based on Sarah`s passion and belief that peers provide the support and contributions families need to find balance. This special online child care solution focuses on children and provides a stable, safe and caring environment. Upon her return to Canada, Sarah became an aunt several times. Hooray! While Sarah had a precious niece and nephew, her siblings were struggling to find a balance between work and family life. It was obvious that Sarah`s contributions to her French family allowed the parents to find such a balance. The concept of „Au Pair“ was quite outrageous in Canada at the time. Interested in this industry, Sarah began researching au pairs in Canada and around the world.

Do you want to experience being an au pair in Canada and find out what the country has to offer? If you want to live in Canada for a while, be sure to register for as soon as possible to find a suitable family for you! If it`s not a long-term commitment, but 6 to 12 months of part-time work and full-time adventures, the working holiday visa may be just what you need. With this special visa, you don`t need to have a job first or meet educational requirements. As long as you are from one of the legitimate countries below, you will be able to work in Canada as an au pair while you explore the great and beautiful country.

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